For everyone who want’s to learn art of felting you can purchase video course on felting frilly edge technique making scarf and bolero:

What you will get?

You will be shown and taken through step by step process and even if:

if you are useless practically that you have to go and buy expensive felted frilly scarf that you don’t wanna do or you can’t afford to do rather not to do,  this tutorial will help you step by step to be able to produce a beautiful felted frilly scarf that you’ve created and it’s unique with the colours and designs that you want, with the feel that you want,  you get a sense of pride, it will look good, and not only it will look better than you can find in a shops or online; and feel better and you be proud cause it’s yours and it’s only one of them and people will comment on it; and that’s emotional value you return , emotional return on investment and emotional value promiss.

Not only that you done it yourself with my instructions versus any felted scarf in a shop you talk it £60-120 and more, so return on investment is – you already saving probably on more than twice that ammount at least buy not going and buying scarf retail, but the emotional value that you left with afterwards it’s not only that you made it and it’s only one of them in the world and it’s unique and it feels good cause it’s your colours and designs and style, but you can do it again and again and again and  as a special gifts to your friends and dearest people in your life.

You also will have confidence so you now be thinking: well if I could do that, I could use this very technique in any other item I want…so you will grow and I guarantee that if you follow my instructions step by step you’ll be delighted with the end product not only from the point of the pocket, but also you’ll be delighted in a sence of pride, sence of confidence, in a sence of having created something unique and you will get lots of comments and that will be great,  you’ll love it and I guarantee that if for whatever reason if you don’t end up with what you are delighted with I will put it right for you, I help you to put it right completely free of charge so you will be satisfied. Now let’s get started

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